Dailies / Nights

Dailies trips to proposed beaches around Skiathos island and the west coast of Skopelos island.

Up to 10 guests. Lunch included.

Skiathos  beaches depending of the wind force: Lalaria, Agia Eleni(banana), Koukounaries, Tsougrias ....and more.

Skopelos west coast beaches depending of the wind force: Kastani, Melia, Hovolos, Panormos ....and more.

Take your swining suit, sunglasses, hat, sun cream, soft shoes, towel, your best smile, and lets sailing away for a shiny and relaxed day.

CHECK IN at 10:00  and  CHECK OUT at 17:00 at Skiathos new harbor.



Night trips after arrangement in Skiathos. Full moon sailing....just imagine ....

CHECK IN at 21::00

CHECK OUT at 01:00